Suminagashi Ajikiri, 150mm (6 in) (F-1001)

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Product Description for Suminagashi Ajikiri, 150mm (6 in) (F-1001)

Maker: Tojiro Suminagashi Traditional Hocho (click to see more by this maker)
Item num: 86364
Blade length: 6.00 in.
Total length: 11.45 in.
Blade height (at heel): 2.10 in.
Blade thickness (near bolster): 0.28 in.
Item weight: 8.25 oz.
Shipment weight: 11.36 oz.
Blade: Kasumi-yaki blade formed from a suminagashi jigane and aogami hagane (Hrc 62-64)
Handle: Ho wood with a buffalo horn ferrule
Description: Ajikiri Deba Hocho are shorter in length than other deba. It is named for the horse mackerel, "aji", that it is traditionally used to cut. Ajikiri are ideal for deboning meat and small fish and are used for many other general purpose cutting tasks. It can be used for detailed cutting jobs that would be performed by a paring knife in the Western kitchen.
Tojiro Suminagashi Traditional knives are hand forged by masters in Niigata, Japan. The knives are not only impressive in appearance, with their distinctive damascus pattern, but their performance is legendary. Aogami is one of the highest quality and hardest steels used in Japan. This cutting edge (hagane) is supported by many alternating layers of damascus. This technique results in a blade that is very strong, yet fairly easy to re-sharpen. Because aogami is a carbon steel, these knives must be dried after use to prevent rust or tarnish.
Traditional Japanese chef's knives differ from European-styled knives in that they are sharpened with a bevel on only one side. The opposite side is slightly hollowed. Because of this, these knives can generally be honed to a sharper edge than can double bevel knives.
The right-handed 'D' shape handle fits comfortably and securely in the hand and is best used by a right-handed user. It is formed from ho wood, the traditional wood for Japanese handles. This wood, which is a relative of magnolia, holds up extremely well in the harsh environment of the kitchen. A buffalo horn ferrule adds nice contrast.

  • Carbon steel damascus kasumi blade
  • Extremely hard cutting edge for long-lasting razor sharp knives
  • Single bevel for thin, accurate slicing
  • Designed for right-handed use

Availability: Not currently available